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Alla Popov, Founder and Managing Partner, CPA
Alla has been in public accounting since 2001 and established this firm in 2001, that same year.  She specializes in tax preparation, business, personal and estate planning.  Alla leverages tax strategies to promote business and personal tax planning to help her clients achieve their goals. 
We place an emphasis on quality of service.  As a condition of our membership in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, we participate in a rigorous quality control program, which includes peer reviews of both our accounting and auditing practice.  This review ensures our compliance with the highest of professional standards and our commitment to maintaining the highest continuing professional education standards as required by federal and state agencies.
What makes us unique is the personal attention, commitment and energy we bring to each client relationship. Each client is assigned a team that includes a Partner; that team works together to ensure that the client’s planning and execution are designed specifically to meet her or his accounting and financial needs and goals.


  • Very friendly and honest small type of a family firm. With friendly staff and great skills. They have large network of professionals working with them who helped me set up IRA and trust. Also I was able to leave my cards in their office and gotten few referrals, will return a favor and advise all friends and family to use them.

    Ben K. ,
  • I am a long time client of AVP Accounting. Alla Popov is an incredibly skilled and knowledgeable professional. She helps and advises me with my annual tax return among other financial questions

    I referred AVP Accounting services to all my friends. Alla’s diverse experience in the finance helped many, including myself, to resolve the most complex issues in a short period of time. Great communication – she always responds to my emails in a timely matter.

    Alla genuinely cares about each client and offers the best solutions you can possibly get. It really doesn’t get better than AVP Accounting!

    Ed L. ,
  • I’ve known Alla for twenty years, she’s been mine and my wife’s accountant for the last three. We’re both self employed so we do corporate and personal taxes. She’s very knowledgeable and flexible with her appointment hours.
    Weather your self employed or work for an employer these guys will prepare the best return you ever had.
    If you have your own business, they offer full or self service. They have a large customer base of small businesses from the New York area which comes in handy if you are looking to hire a small company to do some work for you. All in all she wasn’t my first accountant, but she’s my last. Their business is doing so well they’ve even added a Manhattan location.

    Ilya Burshteyn ,


Bull Tax Accounting is seeking professional, hard-working, licensed CPAs with at least four years of experience.

Check this page from time to time for specific employment opportunities for Certified Public Accountants, small business accountants and administrative staff.

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